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An important part of usable content is accessibility along with discoverability. A user must be able to navigate through a site with ease and find what they need quickly. When we design a website for our clients, we want relevant information easily accessible while also being rich in content.

The robust content is what allows for SEO (search engine optimization) while the most important content such as company/contact, products/services, location, main goals etc must be highlighted and easily located.

We know the importance of providing all the different types of content and where it belongs in website design. As a developer designs the site, these pieces of content must be purposefully placed in order to maximize search engine optimization and content flow for users.


Web Design Expressions knows the power of appearance. When all content is in the correct position, it still needs to be designed in an appealing and polished way. A website should look updated and display itself as a valuable resource by a company/individual. Content can be designed in a multitude of aesthetically strategic ways.

  • Highlighting content you want users to notice
  • Providing new details/examples
  • Animation/effects to excite
  • Indicates a trustworthy site

Users will quickly judge a website by its design appearance usually over how it functions. This all comes down to how to site is collaboratively built by the client and the developer.


Websites should be designed with a clean, readable font that isn't cluttered, crowded or difficult to read against the background. Web Design Expressions works with a large library of standard and custom fonts that are both easily readable and visually appealing. Images and animations should help a website flow and improve the overall design, not distract from the content.

Colors are also a very important aspect of not only readability but comprehension and theme. Colors can be customized to fit the overall theme, logo, content etc. Variants of colors should be compatible, uniform and simple. When the website’s design comes together, all elements in the site should be easily found, read, and understood. The internet is vast and saturated. Users have many options and a site needs to meet a minimum visual standard.


- Keywords & Phrases

Establish and infuse most used words into website photos/animation

- Quality content

Substantial and comprehensive custom content that utilizes keywords/phrases Provide value when compared to other pages in the search

- Internal links/External links/Back-links

Links to pages in site, to other sites, and links from other sites to yours

- Media Optimization

Linking any social media to site adds to content and SEO authentication

- Crawling/Indexing

Ensure search engine analyzing of site updates and posts properly

Our company not only designs and develops sites, but also provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure websites remains optimized for the target searches. Web Design Expressions uses tools like Google analytics to track your websites performance. Search patterns and keywords can change, so our design team identifies the most searched keywords in your field and makes adjustments that fit the content.

Web Design Expressions understands that every business is unique, and may have different goals so we work closely with our clients to create a customized SEO strategy that meets their specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed online.