Blog websites:

Blog sites are online platforms that allow individuals and organizations to create and publish content, usually in the form of written articles or blog posts.

Contents of Blog websites
  • Categories
  • Posts/search function
  • User engagement/comments
  • Multimedia/social media
  • Subscriptions

Blogging is a popular medium for sharing ideas, opinions, news, and stories with large, usually targeted audience.

Blog sites main feature and function is its posts and engagement system. An author or contributor posts about a particular topic, which is usually open for discussion to other members/users. The sites and its posts integrate social media into the content that allow readers/contributors to share and spread the content.

As the posts gains comments, photos, videos and audio, it adds to the content and increases its chances of being shared both inside and outside the site.

Search functions are also important for the developer/development to let users find specific posts or topics. Blog sites often include some of the harder to find questions and answers online. An automotive blog for example, may not only offer a lesser-known fix for a specific vehicle, but a link on a how to/parts purchase.

This also emphasis the importance of optimizing a blog website for mobile use for an on-the-go enthusiest.

Developing a blog usually requires an email subscription system to make sure users are unique, and minimize the risk of bots or malicious activity.

Blog sites are designed to provide a platform for individuals and organizations to share their ideas, opinions, stories, questions and answers.

This type of site can be known as social media with a purpose.