Portfolio websites:

Showcase an individual's or a company's work, skills, and achievements in a visually appealing and organized manner

Contents of Portfolio websites
  • Display samples of work
  • About/Contact
  • Testimonials
  • Resume-CV/Social media links

Portfolio websites are often used by artists, designers, photographers, writers, and other creative professionals to showcase their work and attract potential clients or employers.

A portfolio website is designed to attract potential clients or employers by professionally demonstrating their skills, expertise, and achievements.. The website should be easy to navigate, visually engaging, and provide all the necessary information that potential clients or employers may need to make a decision about hiring the individual or company.

These sites often include images, videos and text descriptions of projects/products. Portfolio sites should also include background information, experience and testimonials of previous clients or employers to help establish credibility and trust with potential clients or employers.

A portfolio site should also include any multimedia integration which can help build a larger online presence and attract unique viewers.

A developer can really showcase their custom web design skill whill creating a portfolio for a client and keep it affordable.

The purpose of portfolio websites is to put on display, an individual's or company's work and stand out against others doing the same. Search engine optimization is critical for this type of site.